Ciranova® has been making wood finishing products for over 90 years, including for things like floors, furniture, and both indoor and outdoor wood. They offer lots of different colours, stains, varnishes, oils, waxes, and maintenance items. Ciranova® is a top supplier of wood treatments for the woodworking industry.

They’re always working on new stuff in their own labs, using the latest technology and materials. Their products protect and add colour to wood really well. They’ve already brought out successful things like FORTICO, a varnish that stops scratches, HARDWAXOIL TITAN for rolling on, and UN1CO oil that only needs one coat. They’re also leading the way in invisible finishes and have just launched a new range called PLUS, which uses natural materials that break down easily. It includes OCULTO PLUS, ECOFIX PLUS, and WOODLOOK PLUS, giving wood a really natural and invisible finish.

You can see everything Ciranova® offers in their catalogue, including their newest products. Have a look and get inspired by all the choices and colours to give your floor or project the perfect finish!

Reactive stain

Reactive stain is a type of stain that reacts with certain woods to create a weathered look. It works best on woods that have tannin in them. Once you apply the stain and let it react for a while, you can finish it off with either oil or water-based finishes. Here are some key points about reactive stain:

– It reacts with the tannin in the wood, giving it a special look.
– You can mix it with colored oils to create different effects.
– If you want to adjust the color intensity, you can use reactive stain clear.


Ciranova® AQUASTAIN is a water-based colour stain made with tiny pigments for staining any kind of wood inside your home. AQUASTAIN makes the wood look even and highlights its natural grain.

– It gives the wood an even colour that brings out the grain.
– You can apply oil or water-based finish afterwards.
– You can mix the colours together.



A new type of oil, VOC FREE made from renewable stuff, that you only need to put on once. It dries fast and keeps things materials from chemicals. It does all this in one coat, comes in different colours, dries quickly, and doesn’t have any nasty chemicals.


Fast-drying parquet oil boasting outstanding durability against wear. Effective filling and impressive resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress. Suitable for diverse applications including flooring, staircases, furniture, and panelling.
» Imparts a rustic appearance to the wood.
» Simple to apply.
» Offered in 16 colours and can be blended together.


Decking oil

Impregnating oil designed for safeguarding and preserving exterior wood. Our DECKING OIL features a built-in UV inhibitor to reduce wood discoloration over time. It nourishes and shields the wood while imparting water-resistant properties. It’s effortless to apply on all wooden patios and decks. The integrated UV blocker helps maintain the wood’s youthful appearance for longer.



Water-based protection for exterior wood. Particularly
suited for treating vertical surfaces. Does not form a film
but rather penetrates the wood. ECOPROTECTOR
offers nourishing protection that does not peel.
» Provides nourishing protection for exterior wood.
» Does not peel.
» Ideal for treating vertical surfaces.